The theme of EXCELLENCE implies a close collaboration with partners of quality. By putting forward our partners’ expertise and their know how, the Forum HOTel&Spa is an opportunity to share knowledge and acquired experiences in order to create an added value to the world of well being and Spa.



BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE creates customized treatements in order to find the natural harmony of each person’s skin through three scientifically proven steps in order to obtain « An Angel’s Face ».

  1.  The first step, known as the evaluation step, uses five probes, « The Skin Instant Lab », to diagnose the state of the skin and to reveal its secrets in order to adapt the treatment.
  2.  In the second phase, or initialization step, BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE develops a personalized formula adapted to each skin  type.
  3.  The third phase is the actual treatment phase. The goal of this step is to stimulate self renewal of skin and to find the secret of a healthy expression


Honeycomb, percale, silk, velvet or satin are some of the materials used by our partner RKF, a symbol of high end linen quality, whose designs vary according to the wishes of the customer and to the atmosphere of each place.

“Be like Kings in your linen! ”

With our RKF partner…



“Take your seat”,  on the luxury massage beds and during treatments provided by GHARIENI.

20 years of expertise, of diversification and of adaptation was all that was needed to make our partner GHARIENI become a world leader in terms of equipments destined to the demanding world of Spas and well being. GHARIENI masters the art of associating luxury and performance by offering a wide  range of products from medical equipment to manicures, pedicures and equipments for beauty salons.

In order to provide a maximum of relaxation during our treatments ! 



Creating the Spa that resembles you. 

Sydney and Valérie Dalmayrac, passionate of the Spa and well being univers, known for their exceptional adaptation to demanding customers, such as the l’Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes, the Château Saint Martin & Spa in Vence and the Majestic Barrière in Cannes.

By trusting these professionals with your projects, you will benefit from a strategic partnership, expertise and a remarkable know-how.

The motto of Mr. Dalmayrac, Managing Director, remains:

  • Anticipate
  • Exceed
  • Customize “haute couture” Spas with newest technology.

Philippe Loses, CEO of Château Saint Martin & Spa reflects « The level of satisfaction of our customers, is near excellency, as it grazes each time the 100% satisfaction level. »



Be confident because « all women have the potential of being magnificent »

For Madame de Winter, health, happiness and beauty create a unique harmony.

« InsideoutBeauty » is the concept this career women developed, for whom, the body is a reflection of inner wellbeing and who offers « Beauty Food » – a range of products concentrated with active ingredients in the form of drinks, or chocolates rich with antioxydents, omega 3, proteins and Q10.

Spoil yourself and be radiant.



« The detox cure ! » to purify the skin and to loose around 600 Kcal, simply by taking a nap in a tub-like dome, that replaces the traditional sand used in this Japanese treatment.

The IYASHI DOME creates the effect of having run at least 20 kilometers, but without the negative effects (excess release of endorphines, cardiovascular risk, and development of fatty acids)

To release the toxins and provide an intergral cleansing of the skin after a long winter.



« Consult, administer, and confirm from wherever you are…have you ever though of this ? »

With a long distance management software developed by « Pure Informatique » you no longer need to be hasseled by controlling your personnel’s trips, or customer registration, and gain an added value by being more available for your customer.

The project SpaBookers an ISISPOS was developed by Cécile Bertran and Jeremiah Navarro, two passionate professionals of the Spa industry.



An idea? A project? DELATEX MONDIAL INNOVATION is your partner to establish, select, or develop the right product for you by based on your wishes.

With more than 50 years of expertise,  DELATEX WORLD INNOVATION has proven itslef through the innovation of products destined to staying in shape, beauty or for the well being industry such as electrostimulation devices, massaging devices, cosmetics, shaping up devices and electro acupuncture.



« An anti-ageing revolution »

 With a line of luxury products, Niance®, you will find the purety of the Alps combined with the Swiss know-how. Available in Niance® Spas, this avant-garde brand is the most present in 5* European Spas. The brand diversified to create a range for gentlemen, Niance ® Men.



«  Media whispering in your ears… ! »

Far from being the traditional method of communication, MOTION WAVES focuses on transforming your waiting rooms into a ‘sound path’, where each individual chooses their unique experience by interacting with various sensors discreetly nestled.

The result is a unique setting, perfectly orchestrated, and studied by many specialists and choreographers to make sure that all your senses are stimulated and your spirit nourished.