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Program in progress

June 2nd 2022 Hotel Four Season George V Paris

« Thinking outside the box »  
Spa – Thalasso – Thermalism

14h00 – 14h15

Registration/ Welcome

By Mrs. Vladi KOVANIC (organisator)

Moderator – Jean-Guy de Gabriac – Founder of Tip Touch and World Wellness Weekend

14h15 – 14h35

Guest of Honor
 Roger Allen CEO – Ressources for Leisure Assets (RLA) – GB
 How to get results  “ Off thinking outside the box” 

14h35 – 14h55

 Value of people and the Value of having a service mindset as a leader’
Cornelia Kausch  Managing Director & Leadership Coach – EMCCC INSEAD ,  Germany

14h55 – 15h15

Journalist Panel
Katia Pellegrino – Luxe Magazine France
Moderator Jane Kitchen- Leisure Media GB
Kim Marshall –
The Marshall Plan Marketing & Communications & Co-Founder USA
Sarah Camilleri – European SPA GB

15h15 – 15h45

Networking coffee break

15h45 – 16h05

Blue ocean Wellness
Dr Franz Linser  Founder & CEO of Linser Hospitality,  Austria

16h05 – 16h25

Diamond Sponsor Panel
Thinking outside the box in the luxury segment 
Sammy Gharieni, CEO & Founder of the Gharieni Group, Germany

16h25 – 16h45

Thalasso, a major player in preventive health
Jean-Luc Pleuvry, JLP Consulting, France     

16h45 – 17h15

Networking coffee break

17h15 – 17h35   

Wellness 2.0: a strategic growth accelerator in 2020
Jean Guy de Gabriac- Fondateur de Tip Touch and World Wellness Weekend – France

17h35 – 18h00   

USA Panel
Redefining A Spa Experience Through Medical Wellness

Tammy Pahel – Co General Manager & VP of Spa

18h00 – 18h20

Gold Sponsor Expert Panel 
Biologique Recherche, Corpoderm, Lemi

18h20 – 18h50

Networking coffee break

18h50 – 19h40

BLUE and BLACK  Diamond Awards
Blue Diamond Award honours talented personality in the thalasso therapy sector
Moderator : Vladi kovanic
The Black Diamond Award will now be given to a Spa Manager with an outstanding and inspiring  track record.
Moderator: Isabelle Charrier owner of Sense of Wellness Magazine, France


Networking International Cocktail