Collaborator Extraordinaire - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

Vladi Kovanic, founder and CEO of VK-Organisation and Forum HOTel&SPA, collaborates with the best international specialists in the wellness sector to provide relevant and up-to-date information for those seeking solutions for their spa.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the health, wellness and spa industries, Vladi focuses on three main areas: spa consultancy, organising global networking platforms and masterminding industry events – including Forum HOTel&SPA and Medical Wellness Congress (MWC). She specialises in creating bespoke spa projects for luxury hotels and pre and post-opening services, including spa concept briefing and creation, designing philosophy and mystery shopping visits.

When working for hotel chains, cosmetic brands and spas, Vladi’s goal is always to highlight new aspects of the wellness philosophy. A recent example of her work is the spa at the Tour Odéon in Monaco. In addition, she’s currently working on creating a wellness concept for the upcoming hotel of the future Mohammed VI Tower in Rabat, Morocco.

Vladi developed her company, VK-Organisation International, in 2003 as a leading wellness advisory and education company, with a vision to boost spas’ profitability and teams’ levels of engagement. In 2015 Vladi expanded her reach into education and began teaching Spa Management at the International Academy of Management in Paris AIM.