Since 1998, Isabelle Charrier has worked in the Wellness sector where she is recognized as the leading expert on the French market. - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

 An expertise that is embodied in Sense of WELLNESS Magazine where it delivers a 360° vision of the well-being sector with a link between people and innovation.

Sense of WELLNESS has established itself as the leading magazine in the well-being sector in France, and more particularly in the premium Hospitality sector, also offering an opening to Europe, thanks to its bilingual writing (French/English), which allows advertisers to be present both on the French-speaking market but also internationally in one and the same medium.

Each year, a thematic special issue highlights a strategic subject: “The Wellness of tomorrow: changes, opportunities and challenges” “Make your Spa a business unit” – “Wellness in the post-Covid era” – “Your Spa project…, from design to profitability” – “Who is the Spa customer today and tomorrow? » – “Create, manage and develop your Spa…”, to discover here:

Sense of WELLNESS Magazine is also a powerful digital ecosystem. is today the 1st French site and the 6th – international website in terms of notoriety, integrating multiple sections including an employment platform: JOBSPA, completely free but also “The Spa Suppliers Guide”, the network for connecting well-being professionals.


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