Length of Stay is the Best KPI for Proving the Value of Wellness Investments. - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

*KPI (key performance indicators)

“For the 16th edition of Forum Hotel&Spa on May 30, 2024 at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, Adam Mogelonsky and Hans-Peter Veit will be on stage where Adam will lead with a presentation on how hotels are incorporating the latest longevity trends, followed by an interview with Hans-Peter to discuss his esteemed career in luxury hotel spa management and development as well as his current role as Director of Spa & Recreation at Appenzeller Huus Gonten.

The word ‘optimization’ in today’s world implies the use of data and metrics for continuous business improvement, but it also implies making tradeoffs and devoting limited resources to certain goals ahead of others. For today’s hospitality world, we are confronted by so many data points, so many partners or siloed interests and so many different activities vying for our attention or capital. To make informed, strategic decisions that will unify various operations towards a common objective, hoteliers and owners must carefully pick the key performance indicators (KPIs) that they will optimize and prioritize.

What KPIs should a hotel focus on improving? This pursuit of optimization only gets more complex with the more operations we add – profit centers such as a wellness center that are very often necessary to drive occupancy as well as diversify away from a purely heads-in-beds model – making business intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML) instrumental to making sense of it all.

In anticipation for his keynote appearance at Forum Hotel&Spa on May 30th in Paris, I had the opportunity to sit down with Hans-Peter Veit, Director of Spa & Recreation at Appenzeller Huus Gonten in Switzerland, where we discussed why length of stay (LOS) should be the foremost KPI to optimize for whenever a hotel leader or brand is considering the substantial capex requirements for new wellness assets at their properties.

By Adam Mogelonsky for hositalitynet.org Partner at Hotel Mogel Consulting Ltd
and speaker on the Forum HOTSPA 2024 Forum: it’s here