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Passion, savoir faire, mix of generations and medical expertise are the essence of the French cosmetics house, Château Berger. A family brand developed  with a strong expegience in the fields of spa and aesthetic medicine.

The products are respectful of the environment and the use of high concentrations of natural ingredients provides a harmony with the land and the sea. The active ingredients are selected for their specific qualities. The result is in an overall synergy that is conducive to the skin and promotes effective and long-lasting anti-aging action, as well as giving an immediate beauty boost. Château Berger applies science to promote beauty and we collaborate closely with the world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alain Fogli.

With our expertise in face and body treatments, our exquisite textures, unique products and signature treatments, we are able to offer a truly distinctive and effective “French” experience. This was recognised in 2021 when PAUSE SPA CHÂTEAU BERGER, situated in the prestigious Paramount Hotel ***** in Dubai, won the award for the best new spa of the year.