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At ALQVIMIA we offer a concept of profound Beauty that brings wellbeing in harmony with nature, because alchemy is the art of transformation of the Body and Soul. Our headquarters are located in the middle of Nature, and we create our products in the most efficient way possible, taking care of the planet in the process.

ALQVIMIA rigorously selects the purest raw materials from all over the world and recovers the tradition of ancient artisan perfumery, aromatherapy and the secrets of botany spagyric and the knowledge of one of the most inspiring sciences whose name evokes magic, purity and knowledge: Alchemy. All this wisdom is fused with the most advanced techniques to shape master formulas, so that Nature can provide us the perfection of its purest essence in these products.


The Queen of Egypt Product Line is the very symbol of ALQVIMIA as a high-quality natural cosmetics brand. After more than 30 years in the market, the ALQVIMIA Queen of Egypt line has seduced thousands of women around the world.  Queen of Egypt Body oil is one of the first ALQVIMIA products and also a bestseller for over 30 years.


Its formula with Frankincense, Myrrh and Petitgrain essential oils was inspired by ancient queens like Cleopatra, still remembered as archetypes of strong and powerful women. The archetypal Queen of Egypt is a leader, cultured and intelligent, a woman of mysterious and enigmatic beauty whose charisma and magnetism, with extraordinary communicating skills shine. She is a woman who knows her power, who knows she is worthy and capable. In short, she is a resourceful woman, one who lives inside each of us.
This range in ALQVIMIA is Yin-Yang polarity.


Frankincense, Myrrh and Petitgrain Essential Oils constitute the basis of Queen of Egypt’s active aromatherapeutic ingredients. This wonderful synergy, finished by the subtle scent of Violet and

Heliotrope, provide the range with the its characteristic sensual and intense scent.

In cosmetic terms, this formula can help treat ageing and dry skin. Its use significantly regenerates, moisturizes, and nourishes skin, recovering elasticity and leaving it beautiful, and velvety smooth. Overall skin will look radiant, bright, and visibly younger and healthier.

In emotional terms, Queen of Egypt connects a woman with her self-esteem and personal power. Its enveloping scent provides confidence, serenity, and a strong feeling of inner strength.

Frankincense and Myrrh oleoresins are highly suitable for anti-ageing cosmetics due to their regenerative and cell-renewing effect. They are powerful skin regenerators that help prevent premature ageing. They also provide an anti-inflammatory, skin purifying, and skin tissue-preserving effect. Both have a unique holistic connector between the body and spirit bringing balance on a spiritual and emotional level.

Petitgrain Essential Oil in this formula brings a fresh note and adds a tonic, detoxifying and cleansing cosmetic effect. This essential oil also helps boost self-confidence, mental concentration and inner peace.

The Queen of Egypt range also contains Almond Oil which has moisturizing and regenerating properties, as well as Bulgarian Rose floral water.

Discover the whole range for a full body beauty routine: Shower and bath Gel, Body Lotion, Body Oil, Eau de Toilette and Essential oil Blend. 



Every woman deserves to feel like a queen. This beauty ritual uses Dead Sea salts and mud and envelops a woman in exotic fragrances of frankincense and myrrh. This unique and highly characteristic aromatic blend, not only provides an aura of self-esteem and well-being but also rejuvenates skin, providing elasticity and nutrition, and helps restore its natural beauty and magnetism.

The scent will leave skin pleasantly perfumed for the whole day, as well as hydrated and glowing.

The Queen of Egypt treatment is purifying and detoxifying and a great rejuvenator of the body and soul.

In ALQVIMIA, we have a clear concept about holistic beauty, that’s why all our beauty treatments are complimented with a unique nutrition, meditation and yoga exercise to practice, to provide a true transformation at home, alongside the Home Spa Product re


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