The WSO welcomes Vladi Kovanic, as International Ambassador for France, year 2021-2022 - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

The World Spa Organization is a large community that connects players in the Spa & Beauty market at an international level. The WSO is honored and is pleased to welcome Vladi Kovanic, as International Ambassador for France, year 2021-2022.

The WSO offers, through its associates, training to professionals and operators in the sector, and organizes events and initiatives aimed at personal and professional development. The best of “Made in Italy” meets the excellence of international well-being and creates an unprecedented network. Thanks to the involvement of the best international experts, WSO sets the highest standards and shares the experience and know-how of its members to offer professionals a continuous and qualified update, in line with the most modern requirements. of the market. Each year, WSO identifies the most exciting challenges in the Spa & Beauty industry and determines the tactics and strategies that industry operators must put in place to overcome the tasks successfully. As a leading international organization, the WSO promotes well-being as an engine of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability.

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