Nilo Spa Design is the Italian specialist in design treatment cabins, which become the center of spa from an emotional and functional point of view. - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

Nilo Spa Design is the market trend setter thanks to constant research in both design and ergonomics, for the customer and for the operator, which they consider to be their two clients.

Nilo SPA Design strongly believes that the treatment cabin is the business unit of the spa, the place of profitability, that’s why the entrepreneurs are so interested in investing in this area.

The firm focuses on creating a complete wellness concept for the spa, a collection of elements that can be combined into endless solutions.

For Nilo SPA Design it no longer makes sense to talk only about product, it’s necessary to talk about service: Nilo’s R&D department is always focused in understanding the new trends in treatments, identify the right products, set them in experiential spaces that allow entrepreneurs to create innovative services, so that customers can live unforgettable moments and will promote, consequently, these spaces. This policy makes the spa become a destination, improving the customer retention.

That why Nilo’s cabins can be considered also communication & marketing tools

Nilo SPA Design has recently presented two revolutionary products:

Eterea is the cabin that the wellness  Alberto Apostoli has studied for Nilo and has been presented during the last Cosmoprof.

The name wants to evoke a place where body and soul can live a unique experience. Moreover, the elements fluctuate in the space, thanks to the sensory lighting that makes the elements float like clouds.

This cabin is innovative not only in the design, but it has been studied to be multisensorial by stimulating the five senses.

To achieve this effect in the cabin you can also find aromatherapy, integrated speakers, sensory lighting and ,over the bed ,a warming light that hugs the client during the treatment making the overall experience unique and memorable.



HUB is the innovative device, designed and developed in collaboration with Rossano Ferretti and Studio Giovannoni Design, that brings the experience of the best service of a hairdressing salon into a guest room or a spa, offering incredible comfort and complete privacy.

Hub is a unique product designed for suite rooms, hotels, VIP rooms and spas in the luxury segment, which wants to provide exclusive and premium  services to their customers. 

 With Hub, hair treatments can be provided in complete privacy in your own suite, making the overall stay experience unique and memorable and making every woman’s dream possible: a dedicated and personalized beauty service.

Hub is the bridge between Maletti and Nilo Spa Design.

Nilo Spa Design is a brand of Maletti Group, leader for 86 years in furnishing for hairdressers, barber salons, spas and beauty & wellness centers, worldwide.

It was born with the intention of proposing design solutions for all places where wellness is at the center of the experience.

The 2 brands have the same vision: to make use of the best designers and consultants to translate customer needs into products and services.


Finally, what does Hub represent for the wellness market?

 •A unique and exclusive service for hotel & spa, which becomes an effective marketing and communication tool 

 •A design article, which reinforces the positioning of the structure

 •A limited investment, with an evident ROI in terms of services provided and brand reputation 

 •A self-efficient product that does not require connections of any kind and does not require structural changes to the structure