Pallet pebble of semi-precious stones, signature massage "CRYSTAL TOUCH" - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

Stone is the witness of the birth of the world

A massage with a stone pebble is a path that always leads to a primordial place.
The gesture of the hand with the pebble glides like the movement of life, the polished stones offer each other for a new step.

The dreamlike function of these pebbles is to encourage the dissolution of problematic aspects that have formed in the body: with the energy of the stones, crystallotherapy: such as rose quartz which will bring softness, as much for the one who is massaged as for the one who is massaged – such as labradorite which is easier to put on the feet to symbolize the anchoring of the patient, or yellow quartz for the solar plexus with its warm rays of sunshine and self-confidence. ”

The shape of the pebble has been specifically studied to take it in hand, with the central stem, to have the right and precise movement on the body. In all suppleness and power. ”

Registered designs INPI 2020