We ‘d like to present you one of our gold sponsors : Corpoderm - Healthcare & Beauty - Forum HOTel&SPA Paris - english

Designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional medical and aesthetic devices, and of cosmetic concepts. introduces the LED Arche “Triwings Body” 

the only machine in the world capable of emitting one or more colours, with incomparable emission power, thanks to its patented system. 

The adjustable emission zone, from the head to the arch of the foot, offers optimal efficiency and a variety of treatments for your spa: anti-ageing, skin firming, toning, stress management and relaxation, recovery, detoxification, … Designed and manufactured in France, 100% natural and non-invasive, hands-free and innovative, Triwings Body has all the assets sought after by spa customers.Resulting from medical research, its technology is based on photo-bio-modulation, and its effectiveness has been proven by countless scientific studies (ISO 13485 and CE Medical device).

Come and discover this treatment that is as effective as it is pleasant.