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Chateau Berger

Chateau Berger


Know-how, generational mix and medical expertise are the very core of the French cosmetic house Château Berger. A decidedly innovative family brand turned towards the future.

Passion, creativity and determination… the three qualities that have enabled Laurence Fogli to develop the Château Berger range of cosmetics, together with her daughters Lilou and Marion. Their close bond has created an extraordinary dynamic and symbiosis.
The originality of Château Berger’s anti-ageing products lies in the way they combine the beneficial effects of the sea and the earth benefits chosen for their specific properties and their perfect affinity with the skin, making them targeted treatments for optimal effectiveness. Their multiple virtues give these products exceptional properties.

The main concept behind this line is the use of a high percentage of meticulously-selected natural active ingredients; these act at different levels in synergy to produce a real, anti-free radical and anti-stress shield.
By choosing to combine the finest high-concentration natural active ingredients with rigorous science, these treatments produce an in-depth effect that leaves every woman looking younger.


Arouse the emotions using treatments with an olfactory dimension and sublime textures so you can enjoy a moment in the world of Château Berger. Many years spent in in the field of luxury spas, combined with know-how drawn from everyday life and the expectations of a demanding clientele, mean we have developed a total mastery of professional protocols and treatments as well as providing tailor-made support. All in all, unique well-being experience.


Rice Force

Rice Force

Rice Force Japanese cosmetic brand

Rice Force is inspired by the ancient custom of using rice water to cleanse and moisturize the skin.  The main ingredient is Rice Power Extract that has a super-low molecular weight and could absorbs deeper into the skin, where it improves moisture retention capacity. In addition to very effective skincare products and unique Japanese ancient lifting massages Rice Force offers a chance to discover the new style of a service in a tranquil atmosphere, creating a space where people can clear emotional blockages and focus their thoughts on their life’s direction.

The extract for cosmetic is produced in 150 years old sake brewery on Shikoku Island.

Rice Force is a perfect solution for spa operators who are looking for something unique and special for their clients; it is a great combination of traditional, natural Japanese skincare and modern scientific solutions for all types of skin.

With 20 years in business, customers are millions of Japanese women.

For the last six years company focuses on spa business also in Asia, America and Europe.

Im Co., Ltd. Japanese producer of Rice Force is environmentally responsible and tightly cooperates with local rice farmers. For more information visit about brand please visit.

Rice Force Spa offer: discover

Rice Force Field project: discover


Im Co.Ltd., Manager of international affairs section, Mr. Kenta Inagi: ke-inagi@ij-g.jp

Distributor in EU: daniela.hatleova@komea.cz

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We ‘d like to present you one of our gold sponsors : Corpoderm – Healthcare & Beauty

We ‘d like to present you one of our gold sponsors : Corpoderm – Healthcare & Beauty

Designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional medical and aesthetic devices, and of cosmetic concepts. introduces the LED Arche “Triwings Body” 

the only machine in the world capable of emitting one or more colours, with incomparable emission power, thanks to its patented system. 

The adjustable emission zone, from the head to the arch of the foot, offers optimal efficiency and a variety of treatments for your spa: anti-ageing, skin firming, toning, stress management and relaxation, recovery, detoxification, … Designed and manufactured in France, 100% natural and non-invasive, hands-free and innovative, Triwings Body has all the assets sought after by spa customers.Resulting from medical research, its technology is based on photo-bio-modulation, and its effectiveness has been proven by countless scientific studies (ISO 13485 and CE Medical device).

Come and discover this treatment that is as effective as it is pleasant. 


Pallet pebble of semi-precious stones, signature massage “CRYSTAL TOUCH”

Pallet pebble of semi-precious stones, signature massage “CRYSTAL TOUCH”

Stone is the witness of the birth of the world

A massage with a stone pebble is a path that always leads to a primordial place.
The gesture of the hand with the pebble glides like the movement of life, the polished stones offer each other for a new step.

The dreamlike function of these pebbles is to encourage the dissolution of problematic aspects that have formed in the body: with the energy of the stones, crystallotherapy: such as rose quartz which will bring softness, as much for the one who is massaged as for the one who is massaged – such as labradorite which is easier to put on the feet to symbolize the anchoring of the patient, or yellow quartz for the solar plexus with its warm rays of sunshine and self-confidence. ”

The shape of the pebble has been specifically studied to take it in hand, with the central stem, to have the right and precise movement on the body. In all suppleness and power. ”

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